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How the does Tenants buy Electricity?

The Tenant can go to any EasyPay for example Checkers, PnP etc.

When the tenants buy electricity by any EasyPay: they must take their Meter Number that’s on the Pre-Paid Meter and ask for Eskom power. - The Meter Number is 11 digit number and starts with
042 **** ****

When the tenants buy electricity they will pay 15% Service Charge for example if the tenants buy R100 electricity they will only receive R85 electricity.

The 15% Service Charge will go to the EasyPay like checkers, PnP etc.

- No Outstanding Debts
- No Collection Hassles
- No Credit Problems
- No Bills
- No Administration
- Easy Management
- No Arrears Collection
- Risk & Hassle Free
- No Tenant Disputes
- Continuous Support