Why Have a geyser timer

A Geyser Timer is an effective way to save energy. Your electricity costs will reduce. Once a timer is set, no further work is required.

How to set your geyser timer

To set the time on the clock

  • Hold the time button down( C ).(bottom left corner button)
  • Press the W (week button) until it is the present day of the week (you will see the week display along the top of the screen)
  • Keep holding the time button and press the H (hour button) until the hours come to the present time.
  • Do the same with the M (minute button)
  • The time is now set !!!!

To set the timer to switch geyser on and off

You can set the timer 7 times a day 7 days a week. When pushing the timer button (bottom middle button indicated by a circle with a line through it) for the first time you will see a number 1 come up in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will be TIMER 1 on, if you press it again it will be timer 1 off, press again and it will come to timer 2 on and so on etc.

  • Press timer button once so timer (1 on) is indicated, and then keep push the W button until all the days (Monday to Sunday) appears on the top of the screen.
  • Press H (hour button) to set to the desired hour for your geyser to come on
  • Press M (minute button) for the desired minutes to come on
  • Press timer button again and timer (2 on) will appear in the left bottom corner
  • Repeat numbers (1,2 and 3)
  • If you want your geyser timer to go on and off a third time per day, repeat numbers 1,2 and 3

Once you have finished setting your timer push the (C) clock button then push your manual button (bottom right button) until you timer goes onto the auto position which is displayed on the bottom middle of the screen

Your manual button has 4 settings:


ON setting is when your geyser will stay on all the time

Off setting is when your geyser will stay off all the time

AUTO ON is when the timer is engaged with your desired times of being on

AUTO OFF is when the timer is engaged with your desired times of being off

If for any reason you find you have cold water and need hot water, keep pushing your manual button until the red light comes on and you will have hot water in 45 minutes. 


Afterwards switch to Auto and check your timer settings by pushing your timer button (bottom middle)


Who Is A Prepaid Meter Suitable For?

Prepaid electricity meters are suitable for landlords who rent their property to tenants. Many landlords choose to install prepayment meters, as it means their tenants cannot leave unpaid energy bills for the landlord to deal with if they move out. Prepaid meters also reduces the hassel of changing the account holder details with Eskom each time there is a change of tenancy.

How The Prepaid Meter System Works?


  • We install a Pre-Paid Meter by your Distribution Board
  • Between the first and the Last day of the Month the Tenant will buy coupons from any EasyPay outlet
  • Between the Last Day of the Month and 7th of the next Month all the Coupons(Monies) will be added up and then Transferred to Landlords Chosen Bank Account. 
  • The Landlord then takes the monies and pays the Electricity Bill
  • The Tenant pays in advance and the Landlord will pay in arrears, so Money will read in the Landlord’s Bank account to pay the Municipality Electricity Bill.
  • There is a 15 Percent Charge to cover costs and this amount is charged to the tenant, If the Tenant buys R100 Electricity, they will only receive R85 Electricity . The R15 Goes to cover expenses.
  • The Water Meter works exactly the same except that the Landlord will pay the 15 Percent and not the tenants, as WATER IS ESSENTIAL SERVICE. ADVANTAGES OF THE PRE-PAID METER SYSTEM.
  • If the Meter gets TAMPERED with then the tenant MUST pay for the reconnection and we will inform the Landlord at the same time.
  •  Breakages and Theft of the Meter must be covered by the Landlord Insurance.
  •  No Hassle to Landlord over Cards
  • One Year Guarantee on Meter and life time Guarantee on Workmanship.
  • NO extra cost to Landlord for Maintenance and revenue Collection.
  • Pre-Paid Meter is Tamper Proof
  •  No horrible surprises of a Large Electricity Bills.

How Does The Tenants Buy Electricity?

The Tenant can go to any EasyPay for example Checkers, PnP etc. 
When the tenants buy electricity by any EasyPay: they must take their Meter Number that’s on the Pre-Paid Meter and ask for Eskom power. – The Meter Number is 11 digit number and starts with 042 **** **** 
When the tenants buy electricity they will pay 15% Service Charge for example if the tenants buy R100 electricity they will only receive R85 electricity. 
The 15% Service Charge will go to the EasyPay like checkers, PnP etc.

  • No Outstanding Debts 
  • No Collection Hassles
  • No Credit Problems
  • No Bills 
  • No Administration
  • Easy Management
  • No Arrears Collection
  • Risk & Hassle Free
  • No Tenant Disputes 
  • Continuous Support
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