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No more running to the shops in the rain. Smart Pay As You Go means you can top up wherever, whenever.

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Darryll French 083 775 1022
Admin: 031 764 0139

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Pre-paid meters KZN


ADMIN: 031-764 0139 / SALES: 083 775 1022

Prepaid Meters KZN specialises in electricity and water consumption management.
Founded in 2012, Prepaid Meters KZN is located in Durban (about 20km away from Central Durban). We service to both private homes and businesses. Landlords looking to protect yourself from tenants unpaid electricity bills or are you simply looking to control your electricity and water consumption OR If you are a business, our corporate products mainly include electric energy metering devices, electric energy collection and automatic management system.

Then Prepaid Meters KZN is the best option for you.

All units supplied and fitted at NO ADDITIONAL COST

geyser timer geyser blanket electricity meter saving you money on electricity